Ways In Being Kind

My preschool class graduated today. They will start kindergarten in two days. This year for graduation, I wanted to make sure that I recognized each child for a time they were kind to someone. This stemmed from my last post where I talked about children thinking their parents cared more about their academic and athletic accomplishments than about their children being kind.

I wanted each one to be specific so I asked the class about times they were kind. Most children came up with something, but even better, they also came up with examples from other kids. I also liked hearing what things they found important. At the graduation ceremony, I read the child’s name and their act of kindness. Here is a sampling:

Danielle found Tracy’s ring and gave it to her, twice.

Tanya said sorry to her friend Lucinda when she bumped her tooth and asked if there was anything she could do to help.

Lawrence said, “Hi Chloe,” in a gentle voice.

Vanessa sang a song to a baby that was crying.

Lou talks to his baby brother and sometimes gives him toys.

Ned shared his balls with Lou because he had eight of them.

Nigel played one of Ken’s games that he made up.

Nikki shared stickers with the whole class.

Eduardo told Thalia, “It was really nice spending time with you,” when Thalia visited the classroom the first time.

Gordon and his family helped with the elementary school’s new garden.

Percy let Eduardo borrow his transformer, Bumblebee.

Sadie asked, “Do you want a hug?” when Tracy got hurt.

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