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Batkid and the Importance of Superhero Play

I watched the movie Batkid: The Wish Heard Around the World last night.  It’s the story of Miles Scott, a young child with leukemia.  When Miles was five, he made a wish with the Make-A-Wish Foundation that he wanted to be the real Batman.  The wish granters found a stuntman to play Batman and Miles […]

The Joy of Risk

I have been reading Rae Pica’s new book, What If Everybody Understood Child Development.  I was asked to respond to her chapter on risk called, Bubble Wrap Not Required for a book study group http://blogs.dctc.edu/dawnbraa/2015/09/14/book-study-expert-commentary-for-chapter-4-week-3/ Here was my (unedited) response: Rae Pica focuses on parents’ fears of anything negative happening to their children. I’d like to […]

Won’t they get hurt?

“Do you think she’ll get hurt?” As her daughter runs to join a snowball fight, a worried mom asks her companion in the movie The Bishop’s Wife. Dudley, played by Cary Grant smiles and says, “Probably, but she’ll love it.”  We sometimes forget that the risk of getting hurt isn’t an excuse to not try […]

Real Confidence

Kids like to take risks, some more than others. The adults can make sure the risk is acceptable, but we can’t eliminate all risk nor should we try. Children gain a lot from risk including confidence. Too often we try to boost children’s confidence by heaping praise on them. But saying “Good job!” a hundred […]